My name is Susanne, I am a wife of 25 amazing years and I am a Mom to four amazing young men and one sweet daughter-in-law.

I understand your family is the most important thing in the world and I know you want portraits you can treasure and hold close to your heart forever.

Our photographs tell us what's important to us, they are a part of our legacy. Photographs are our personal story, a timeline of our lives filled with faces and places that we love. They are our story, which we can share with others. 

Serving Rhinelander and the NorthWoods
Available for travel anywhere in Wisconsin or beyond.


Just a small town girl.

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Every Love has a story to tell.  
I am committed to capturing your day with a style that allows you to relax and

Serving Rhinelander and the surrounding areas in Northern Wisconsin. Also available for travel anywhere in the world.

Enjoy Your Love Story


Personalize your Senior Pictures with the
things that make you special.

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>>> Musical Instruments
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Are the Memories of 
Our Family

Our Most Treasured

All collections include digital images for download and a
wedding photography website.


Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life!

Wedding photography allows you to relive this day, from the joy you shared with your wedding party while getting ready together, to the tears in your Dad's eyes as he saw his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time, and the expressions on your grooms face as you walked toward him and the promise of your future together.

We'll help you relive those moments and tell the story of YOUR sweet wedding day with our photography.

Having a family reunion or have a cabin up north? I'm happy to come to you for some on location, outdoor, natural light portraits.


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to photograph your family?  Mini-Sessions are a great in and out type of session. If you're worried about meltdowns or are struggling to get your husband on board, these are the way to go! 

all photography is outdoors

Photographs can bring joy and, in hard times, your family portraits can bring comfort and healing.

Photographs are our personal story, a timeline of our lives, filled with faces and places that we love.  
They are our story.

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